Monday, March 21, 2016

Business Goes for Streaming Analytics

In a move that is likely to prove a watershed, business has been moving into Streaming Analytics. A recent report by Forrester Research pinpointed this trend in a study of the adoption of data analytics. They pointed out that three years ago, business was struggling with ways to apply analytics to their existing data stores and some big data.

Forrester defines streaming analytics software as technology that "can filter, aggregate, enrich, and analyze a high throughput of data from multiple disparate live data sources and in any data format to identify simple and complex patterns to visualize business in real-time, detect urgent situations, and automate immediate actions."(source)

A number of prominent software providers and technologies are available, including "Apache Spark Streaming, Apache Storm, Data Torrent, IBM, Informatica, SAP, Software AG, SQLstream, Strim (WebAction), TIBCO, and Vitria," says Forrester.

The advent of streaming analytics could herald a new era in business decision making. In the past, decisions have largely been based on historical information with attempts to extrapolate into the future using whatever current information and intuition is available. Streaming analytics will reduce the uncertainty of this approach and add some real science to the decision making process.

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