Monday, April 30, 2018

Plan Carefully in Moving to the Cloud

Various surveys show that a priority of many IT Directors is to move applications to the cloud. We also know that a great many companies have a large number of legacy applications, which means they will be faced with the issues around moving those old applications to the cloud - often referred to as lift and shift.

In some cases, this will mean that significant advantages of the cloud will be sacrificed, notably that of scalability. This could mean you pay more for less.

Selecting the right cloud vendor is one of the early and most important decisions. As is the selection of an IT migration specialist to help wth the transition. And then there's establishing suitable and effective channels of communication, especially if there is a high volume of data, as there usually is with business applications.

High volumes of data also raise the issue of storage cost, which can be a substantial part of the overall cost of cloud based applications.

Of course, moving applications to the cloud usually is a significant project, requiring extensive and careful planning and execution, not to mention maintaining security. These few comments are the very top of the tip. Suffice to say that established pre-conceptions about the benefits of cloud computing cannot be taken for granted.

For more detail on this topic, check out this link.

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