Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The need for Technology Training

Recent surveys show that managers lack training in the technology they are supposed to be using; in which their organization has made substantial investments, but can't get the full benefit.  For example, West Monroe Partners, a consulting firm, did a survey of 500 corporate managers a few months ago. They found that 44% of the managers received no training in their automation tools. Combine this with the fact most of them are bogged down in administrative tasks, and you can see why this is a problem. Their time for self-learning is very limited.

It's commonly felt that young people grow up with the technology. But they don't grow up with mush that's useful. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not core tools for enhancing manager effectiveness.

They learn some of the basics in apps like Excel, Powerpoint and Word in school, and this helps, but it isn't enough for the job market.

Universities generally, with some notable exceptions, have done very little to deal with the lack of training. They often look upon the teaching of technology applications with disdain.

Community trade schools and the like do a good job, and many young people are turning there for necessary life technology skills.  However, the greater burden rests upon the companies and other organizations that adopt new technologies. They need to allocate sufficient resources for training and implementation.  While this has been a mantra for years, clearly they are not doing this. They need to take note.


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