Thursday, January 04, 2018

Some Factors That May Impede AI Adoption in Business

A recent paper released by EY addresses the developing trends in use of AI in business, but points to a number of factors that will slow down progress in this area. First is a skill shortage, or in the current vernacular – a talent shortage. Part of the reason for this shortage is that although AI has attracted a lot of interest, it is still a small field relative to the expectations being placed upon it. Second, is the state of applications or products in place for AI. Most of them are still at the stage of data scientist and experimental use, and there are very few that have reached the level required of enterprise solutions. Also, EY says attention has focused heavily on the fears associated with AI rather than on the benefits. This means resources may be misapplied to address those fears as opposed to exploring the opportunities. For the paper, click this link.

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