Monday, November 02, 2015

IT is entering a new World Order on the Cloud

While the cloud has been in existence for several years now, and many enterprises have made use of it, in some cases considerable use, nevertheless we haven't yet seen the degree of cloud usage that will prevail in the near future.

The basic economy has changed in fundamental ways, meaning that many products traditionally seen as pre-digital industrial age are now essentially digital products. In other ways the digital content has grown enough to enable the products themselves to be characterized as digital. Automobiles spring to mind. The internet of things will do the same for many more products. This means that the products must have the capability to be shared quickly and must enable the use of large amounts of data. It also means that customers expect what they always expect of digital products - instant gratification.

This is a challenge for those offering such products and many enterprises don't have the infrastructure to handle the IT demands of this new economy. Therefore they must use the cloud.

The applications and the data they use must be on the cloud in order to compete. Data must be portable and able to be analyzed using advanced analytics online. Also, it creates a need for more structured data, that is platform independent and amenable to shared analysis.

These are major changes for business. The time to start moving on it is now. For more on this idea, check this link.

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