Friday, November 21, 2014

Broadcasting to Russia? The Thin Edge of the Wedge

It seems that the famous Russian hackers are tapping into webcams all over the world. Many of them are set up with "default' passwords, like admin, or 1234, which everyone knows about, making it easy to break in. The use of default passwords has been a classic means of hacking into business systems for years. A login ID of admin, with a password of admin will sometimes get you right into a system with lax security administration, and sometimes even give you access to the security administration function, which enables you to modify accounts or even create your own for future use.

But home wireless systems and things like webcams are the biggest culprits, and therefore the target of hackers worldwide. The problem is going to become epidemic when more "things" come onto the web. Password management in the home will become even more crucial.

Here's the story about Russia and webcams.

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